1. Product introduction:
The hand-held light portable signal UAV anti-drone gun, through the combination of domestic and foreign advanced technologies, has been carefully developed into a product specifically for domestic and foreign UAV control and control. The product is a green and environmentally friendly counter-gun; it is designed to counter the remote control signals of drones flying at low altitudes on site, without any impact on the use of surrounding signals such as mobile phone communications, operator base stations, car remote control, and police radar. The countermeasure uses 4-way signal output (remote control 2.4G/5.8G positioning GPS) to intercept the signal out of control state of the drone; this product has passed multiple actual distance tests of 350-1800 meters per second countermeasure; it can realize long-distance cutting off the drone and Communication and navigation between remote pilots can effectively drive away or force-land drones.

2. Product Features:
1. UHF broadband seamless interference technology is adopted
2. Single-channel adjustable switch technology to control power output, with battery power display
3. The higher the effective power (channel power), the greater the interference distance
4. Effective segmentation, only interferes with drone control and video transmission frequencies, and will not interfere with other frequencies.
5. Imported devices. The slow start circuit design can avoid the sparking phenomenon caused by the mechanical switch, and the integration is high and the work is stable
6. Built-in battery, plug-in battery, can be replaced at any time, about 1 hour of battery life, 4 hours of charging.
7. Four SMA/N-type interfaces (900M/2.4G/GPS/5.8G) for connecting directional antennas
8. A power charging interface (DC24V IN)

This product is suitable for places where drones are prohibited!


3. Application scope:
UAVs, aircrafts, gas stations, examination rooms, military, public security, command centers, prisons, government agencies, various large, medium and small meeting rooms of enterprises, concert halls, theaters, private places, etc.


OutputWorking frequencyAverage output powerChannel output power
Power supply: AC220V-DC5V Interference distance: >1800M
Power consumption: 192W Weight: 5.0Kg Dimensions (W×H×L): 7×22×58CM
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