Handheld Signal Jammer 12

Output interlaceShield band of frequencyRF output powerOutput power/channd
Antenna 11800-1930MHz27dBm2dBm/30KHz<niin)
Antenna 22500-2700MHz27dBm2dBm/30KHz(min)
Antenna 33400-3600MHZ30dBm2dBm/30KHz<min)
Antenna 4850-960MHZ30dBm2dBm/30KHz<min)
Antenna 52000-2170MHZ30dBm4dBm/30KHz<min)
Antenna 6315 MHz30dBm4dBm/30KHz(min)
Antenna 7750-900MKMHZ30dBm5dBm/30KHz(min)
Antenna 81500-1620MHZ30dBm5dBm/30KHz<min)
Antenna 92300-25000MHz27dBm2dBm/30KHz<min)
Antenna 101800-1930MHZ30dBm2dBm/30KHz<min)
Antenna 112500-2700MHZ30dBm2dBm/30KHz(min)
Antenna 12433MHz30dBm2dBm/30KHz<min)
Frequency can be selected according to customer needs
Power: supply AC1 10-220-DC15V/4AShielding area: 0. 5-2 M @ accord i ng to signal density mobile network
Power consumption: 24w
Total power output: 12w
Antenna output: ≥1w
Weight: 1. 45Side(lengthxwind Xhigh): 190X57X 1 16mm
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